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Teenager Creates a Social Networking App for Localized Areas

18-year-old Austin Wright has created LocoLingo, one of the most engaging and unique social apps we’ve seen so far. This localized social app lets users connect to the people and

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National Event Venue is known to be a top-notch service provider that provides all the needed service required for an exciting event. The company prides in its ability to provide

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Patrick Allocca Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Filming Of Tiffany Quitting Her Boring Retail Job

Patrick Allocca takes the Kickstarter route to fund a unique project about Tiffany quitting her boring retail job in the most unique and memorable way and filming it. Patrick Allocca

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Nine Worlds – A Viking saga launches on Android

Aperico Software, an independent studio, announces Nine Worlds – A Viking saga, an adventure platform game of epic proportions. Filled with lore of the Vikings and the old Norse gods.

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Sawyer Rankin And Team Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Monsterhearts 2 System

Sawyer Rankin and his team launch Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for new skins for the Monsterhearts 2 system. Sawyer

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Juan Pablo Rico Gomez And Team Announces Indiegogo Campaign To Fund Project UMUNUKUNU

Juan Pablo Rico Gómez announces Indiegogo campaign for funding the UMUNUKUNU project. Film producer Juan Pablo Rico Gómez and his

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Jacob Lemanski Launches Kickstarter Campaign For His Dream Project Called Ant Space

Jacob Lemanski starts campaign on Kickstarter to create Ant Space, an Enlightened Ant Farm. Jacob Lemanski, the man for whom

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Techie Couple Launches Kickstarter Campaign For SmartMote Universal Remote Project

Yanhua and Han, a techie couple, launches Kickstarter campaign for SmartMote project. Yanhua and Han, a married couple working in

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The Floor Trader of Lafayette Makes a Summer Splash With Waterproof Flooring in Lafayette, LA

Homeowners looking to save on what is often an expensive project can find what they need at The Floor Trader

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Modern Living with kathy ireland® Highlights At Excelligence Learning Corporation As They Discuss Their Comprehensive Ways for Children to Reach Their Full Potential

Tune in to WE tv as sponsored programming on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. See market-by-market listings below. Los Angeles, CA

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