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URmissed, a unique social network that helps to connect with the missing loved ones

February 06
18:25 2018
URmissed is a website and app that allows the users to post photos and other information about their missing loved ones and spread the world using the power of social media. The users can use this dedicated platform to report about their missing loved ones or pets and to mourn for the ones they have lost.

URmissed is the brand new social network app that utilizes the power of social media to help people in connecting with their missing loved ones. Not less than often, people discover that missing kids, adults and pets have been found because an image was circulated on popular social network sites and this is what has inspired Kane Tracey, the founder of URmissed to develop a social network that serves a meaningful purpose of helping people find their missing loved ones or pets.

The platform also allows the users to talk about those who’re no longer among them. “A lot of times we just have the need to share our feelings about loved ones that have passed on,” said Kane Tracey, inventor, and founder of URMissed.com. “Just talking about our missing loved ones is cathartic for many people.”

URmissed is a platform for everyone to connect with people from their neighborhood and around the world to seek their missing loved ones. The users can also use the platform to share a thought or a story and get other people’s suggestions/opinions on it. It is a platform that enables the user to vent their heart out if they have had a bad experience in life or lost a loved one. They can share their feelings with the like-minded individuals and interact with people who’ve experienced the similar loss.

Much like other social media platforms, URmissed can be used to make friends and chat with them about similar interests. The users can follow pages that they want, join groups that interest them and create or attend events that matter to them. The simple, user-friendly interface allows anyone to use the social network platform with ease. The user can simply Log in with any of their social media accounts or sign up by entering their basic information. Simply create a profile by uploading a picture (optional), edit bio and start connecting with people.

URmissed can be used to post pictures, information and other details about the missing person to seek help from others in finding them. They can also share videos, pictures, audios with friends and family. There is a comment section that allows the users to post advice or opinions on finding people or pets and other topics.

URmissed app is now available for free download at Google Play store.

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Country: United States
Website: www.urmissed.com


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