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SANSI LED Tunnel Lighting, The Safest In the World

February 01
19:05 2018

Tunnels are challenging environments due to pollution round-the-clock traffic and the corrosiveness associated with high levels of humidity, exhaust fumes and fluctuating temperatures. Tunnel lighting always guarantee that the visual perceptions of drivers are maintained, both day and night. By avoiding sudden variations in lighting levels when entering and exiting a tunnel.


A well specified tunnel lighting solution must help a driver’s eyes adjust easily and quickly, provide a high quality of light for excellent uniformity and visibility. SANSI provides a complete solution to rise to your challenges in tunnel and underpass lighting.

The advantages of SANSI tunnel lighting:

Optimize lighting throughout the whole tunnel: Decrease the black hole effect to maximize safety with intelligent dimming control, allowing for further energy saving.

Improve heat dissipation rate: Ceramic heat sink, no PCB, heat dissipation efficiency greatly enhanced.

Fast set up: Implement your new smart tunnel lighting rapidly with plug-and-play installation and easy configuration.

Operational cost-saving: Energy-efficient LED lighting reduce operational costs with at least 50% maintenance reduction


Additionally, SANSI LED tunnel lighting can be controlled via a remote monitoring system, which is a intelligent terminal used to change color temperature of lighting. Even more remarkably, we adopted multiple optical lens to improve illuminance uniformity, enhancing driver safety with super light. One of the important factors of lighting design is convective heat dissipation design, ensuring long service life even if in hash weather conditions.

With over 25 years of extensive experience in LED industry, 70% of LED tunnel lighting manufactured by SANSI are currently utilized in china tunnels. The whole line LED products of the world’s longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge project are manufactured and supplied by SANSI. We overcame the hash construction environment by employing a revolutionary LED technology. Our tunnel lighting solutions go beyond simply adapting the light levels with a luminance meter. We provide intelligent control systems that can be easily integrated into the main tunnel network.

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Contact Person: Amy Gong
Email: [email protected]
Country: China
Website: www.sansi.com


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