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Colordragon International Inc Now Displays Their Complete Tattoo Needle Cartridge Range on Their Website Qumaneedles.Com

May 19
22:43 2017
From a round liner to a round shader, one can now glimpse through the complete range of high quality tattoo needle cartridges available on the website of Quma Needles.

For tattoo artists, Qumaneedles.Com is an important website where they can explore different types of tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges. A good quality tattoo cartridge often enables a tattoo artist to design an awesome tattoo to please their customers. Tattoo artists can choose from different types of tattoo needles and cartridges that are now available on the website of Colordragon International Inc.

The company supplies round liner needle cartridge that allows a perfect grip for an artist to engage in the tattoo making task with more ease and comfort. With a perfect CNC mold, the needle takes a consistent taper shape, allowing a free flow of the tattoo ink. The needle is made of 316L medical stainless steel, while the plastic portion is made of medical plastic PC. This is the reason why the tattoo needle is safe for the human use.

Colordragon International Inc Now Displays Their Complete Tattoo Needle Cartridge Range on Their Website Qumaneedles.Com

Tattoo artists can also check their round shader tattoo needle cartridge that comes with the Perfect fit Cheyenne grip to hold the shader for the tattoo work. The perfect grip and a consistent taper shape allow the same feeling every time an artist works with the round shader. It consists of 0.35mm loose needle and a long 2.0mm taper. These are hollow needles made of medical grade steel. Moreover, the sterile blister pack makes each needle safe for the human use. The round shader offers a desired level of freedom and flexibility for a tattoo artist to complete his/her tattoo work.

Qumaneedles.Com also showcases the Round Liner HOLLOW cartridges on their website. These magnum shaders are available with different ink capacities to choose from. However, the company spokesperson maintains that all their cartridges are available at affordable prices, and tattoo artists can use needle cartridges according to their convenience. The magnum shader cartridges are available 20 pieces per box and with an affordable price tag.

One can check different types of tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges available on their website www.qumaneedles.com

About Colordragon International Inc.

Colordragon International Inc has more than 15 years of professional tattoo needles production experience. They make the handmade tattoo needles that meet the industrial standards.  They maintain the needles consistency and supply professional grade needles and cartridges that meet the international safety standards. They supply different varieties of tattoo needles and one can choose from various models of QUMA tattoo needles with different configurations. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Colordragon International Inc
Contact Person: Tim Cao
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 714-822-8047
Country: United States
Website: http://www.qumaneedles.com


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