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Director Of The Institute of Economic & Social Development for Sub-Sahara Africa Talks About The Importance Of Sustaining Laudable U.S. Development Assistance To Africa Under Trump Administration

April 25
00:31 2017

Dr. Balla Keita, the Director of The Institute of Economic & Social Development for Sub-Sahara Africa policy and economic development organization focusing on Maternal & Childhood Development, governance, food security and mobile banking. Recently, Dr. Balla talked about the many ways the United States has been providing development assistance to Africa, especially the Sub-Saharan countries, which has had a great impact on the region’s growth and expansion. He also highlighted the importance of continued Economic & Social Development for Sub-Sahara from the Trump administration.

According to Dr. Balla, the current situation offers a great opportunity for the Trump administration to further the substantial gains achieved in Africa thanks to U.S. development assistance on several fronts. Only by working together, The U.S. and Africa have been able to achieve real Economic & Social success including in agriculture and food security, health sector, uprooting poverty, infrastructure and promoting democracy and human rights. 

Dr. Balla said: “Africa’s positive trends require sustained support and nurturing within the framework of mutually beneficial relations. As the US continues to support Africa’s economic growth the latter can create new export markets for American goods and services.”

Only through continued support from wealthy countries like the U.S. will the African countries be able to progress from being under development to emerging as nations statute sectors that require the most focus  include the following: agriculture and food security; economic growth and trade; democracy, human rights and governance; health; education; crises prevention and conflict resolution; and public-private partnerships. Dr. Balla identified micro-credit combined with Mobile Banking as an effective lifting thousands of Africans out of poverty.

Dr. Balla further added: “It is equally important for the Trump administration to continue supporting current efforts promoting democracy, human rights and governance to help African governments and civil society fight corruption, promote accountability and the rule of law, and strengthen the current trend toward democratization in African countries. Several African countries have had recurring peaceful transitions from one democratically elected government to another. This hopeful trend deserves encouragement and support.”

The Institute of Economic & Social Development for SubSaharan Africa focuses on researching and reporting the economic and social issues that encourage and hinder stable governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, Initiate & manage development projects in agriculture & food security strengthening primary care, maternal & infant health care, microenterprise development and promoting stable governance.

About: The Institute of Economic & Social Development for SubSaharan Africa.  it is a 501 c(3) pending policy and economic development organization based in Washington, DC. To learn more about the organization, please visit: www.subsaharaninstitute.com

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